Supporting Wound Healing (Before &) After Surgery

A friend recently asked for my recommendations for wound healing and scar preventions  Here are some simple recommendations for him and for you.

One week prior and four weeks after surgery:

  • Eat plenty of healthy foods including vegetables, fruits, and healthy sources of protein fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids like Alaskan salmon, herring, cod, mackerel, and sardines are best.
  • Take a high-dose and high-potency multivitamin to ensure optimal nutrient status
  • Vitamin C and bioflavonoids (approximately 2,000 IU of vitamin C and 750mg of bioflavonoids per day including the amount from the multivitamin).  Remember that many fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and bioflavonoids.
  • Zinc Citrate (approximately 60mg of zinc per day including the amount from the multivitamin)  Take zinc containing supplements with food – otherwise you’ll get very nauseous!  Make sure your multivitamin contains copper to prevent zinc related copper deficiency.
  • Vitamin A (approximately 30,000 IU per day including the amount from the multivitamin): Vitamin A is important for the regeneration and production of healthy skin./li>
  • Make sure your vitamin D status is healthy – supplement with 3000 to 4000 IU per day (including multivitamin dosage).  To keep cost down, use a higher dose capsule every other day.

Wise Woman Herbal All Purpose Salve

Wise Woman Herbal All Purpose Salve


Only several weeks after surgery:

Bromelain: 750 to 1500mg per day preferably taken 45 minutes away from meals.  Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that has been shown to improve wound healing and traumas.

Apply a salve with calendula and comfrey – my favorite is from Wise Woman Herbals.  I don’t sell it on my site, but you can find it through Google.

Remember to keep your wound clean – and infected wound dramatically slows healing!
I hope this helps.
Be well.
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