Are Your Supplements Tested for Quality & Purity?

A colleague of mine in the supplement manufacture industry informed me of some recent issues he has had with raw material suppliers – buyers beware!

Raw material that was sold as hops extract did not meet the chemical profile for hops.  The testing lab suspected that the product actually was burnt maltodextrin.

Quintozene (a fungicide that is among the worst 10% of hazardous compounds) was found in a Korean Ginseng extract.  Quintozene is not allowed in any quantity by the FDA because it is a known carcinogen; causes birth defects; dysfunction in the endocrine (hormone) and immune systems; is toxic to the liver; and harms the reproductive system.  The extract was provided by a high-quality European supplement raw materials supplier.

Quintozene was found in a batch of Wild Yam raw material – same story as above.

Milk Thistle Extract that was listed as being extracted with only ethanol and water showed clear signs on chemical analysis of benzene, hexane, heptanes, and butanes – all toxic to people.  Sadly, people take milk thistle to protect their liver and these solvents are known liver toxins.

Getting supplements from manufacturers that rigorously test for quality, potency and purity is important.  Unfortunately, the VAST majority of supplements for sale in stores are not tested carefully, if at all.

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