Dr. Richard Malik, ND

Dr. Malik is a licensed naturopathic physician with practices in Salisbury, Connecticut and Manchester Center, Vermont. He sees patients five days a week and provides consultation services for people that live from coast to coast. Dr. Malik sees patients of all ages with diverse health conditions and concerns. He helps patients better understand their body and address the underlying causes of their ailments.

Dr. Malik is a participating provider with many insurance companies including:
Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Vermont, Catamount, Cigna, Connecticut Medicaid (children only), Healthy CT, MVP, and Vermont Medicaid (Green Mountain). Coverage can vary depending on your specific plan.

Many Medicare patients are reimbursed by their insurance for services provided. For more information, go to the New Patient Welcome.

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Natural Healthcare

An approach to primary care or general medicine that integrates diet and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional treatments, herbal medicine, physical medicine and mainstream medical approaches including prescription medications and surgery, when necessary. The goal is to use the least invasive, but most effective treatments to not only address disease but also improve vitality and wellness.

This approach works well for most medical conditions and for patients who don’t feel well, but have not received an adequate treatment from their mainstream medical providers.


A sub-specialty in naturopathic medicine that utilizes an integrative approach to cancer care. Naturopathic oncology focuses on:

  • preventing cancer through healthy lifestyle,
  • early diagnosis through effective screening,
  • helping cancer patients understand their treatment options
  • using natural therapies to improve response and reduce adverse effects to conventional oncology treatments
  • improving long-term outcomes with and integrative approach

Endocrine (Hormone)
Therapies (Vermont Only)

Dr. Malik is an expert in addressing thyroid and adrenal gland issues with diet, herbal medicine, nutritional treatments, and all prescription thyroid hormone formulations.

Many women and men with hormonal concerns benefit from dietary, lifestyle, nutritional, and herbal approaches. When appropriate, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy with estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone is recommended.

Dr. Malik’s approach to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is to first discuss the safety and risks of these treatments. Medications are always provided in the lowest dose necessary for improving symptoms with careful monitoring to ensure the highest level of safety possible.

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