Vitamin A Supplement Quality

A recent report from Consumer’s Lab indicates that 25% of tested vitamin A supplements did not pass basic tests for quality.  One out of 16 vitamin A supplements contained nearly two times the amount of vitamin A listed on the label.  Three out of sixteen contained less than 80% of the amount of vitamin A listed on the label.  These tests only checked for amount of vitamin A and for lead contamination.

These results exemplify why it is important, if taking supplements, to use brands with high quality standards and that do testing to insure the quality, purity, and potency of both raw materials and finished products.  Did you know that most supplement manufacturers have little or no idea how much of the active ingredients in their supplements last until the expiration date?  Many find these facts surprising.

For much more information on supplement quality and why supplements are important, please see the podcasts on these topics.

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