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The recent outbreak of swine flu is certainly a serious health concern, but far from a reason to panic and even further from a reason to profiteer!

Networks are trying to profit from increased viewership through fear-mongering.  Spam emails are being sent.  Some of the supplement companies I work with are getting into the act, too by sending emails with the CDC recommendations and THEN a LENGTHY list of supplements I should be recommending for all of my patients.  kaching, Kaching, KACHING!

Let’s keep it simple.  To get the best information about the swine flu go directly to the people who know the most about it and where all other sources are getting their information – the CDC.  Here is a link to the facts and all the information you could want.

If you want my recommendations (what I am doing), here they are:

  1. Follow the CDC recommendations for washing hands, covering your cough, staying home if sick, etc. – they are good scientists with the best intentions doing excellent work.
  2. Take care of yourself STEP 1: eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, healthy proteins, and healthy whole grains
  3. Take care of yourself STEP 2: avoid sugar, honey, maple syrup, and other refined sweeteners – they reduce immune function.
  4. Take care of yourself STEP 3: get adequate sleep.  You are getting enough sleep when you awake naturally without an alarm clock (or kids jumping on your bed).
  5. Take care of yourself STEP 4: continue to make sure you have healthy vitamin A, zinc, and vitamin D status – these nutrients are important for immune function as a deficiency increases the likelihood and severity of infection.  However, recommendations 1 through 3 will get you most of the way there.
Be well & keep it simple,
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