Single Payer Health Care

Some people in my local community have been advocating for single payer health care reform; a system like the British health care system where all covered medical services are paid by the government.

In my opinion, it is not acceptable for any fraction of U.S. citizens to not have access to basic health services. Reform of our system is important.

But, I think it is important to know that a single payer system will result in far fewer options in alternative medicine. Many alternative & natural medicine providers that now rely on patients with private health insurance would see their patient lists shrink as our current government run insurance programs (medicare, the VA, and health care on Indian reservations) provides limited – if any – coverage for alternative or natural health care.

While far from perfect, covering natural medicine is one area where insurance companies provide the best option currently available to Americans. Some national health care systems (in other countries) provide the basic health services and allow citizens to purchase supplemental coverage for alternative or elective health services. Private insurance companies can and should be a partof health care reform.

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