Potassium: Supplements or From the Diet?

Potassium is an important nutrient that ensures healthy nerve conduction, muscle contraction, and enzyme function in energy metabolism.  Dramatic changes in potassium levels in the body can lead to cramps, neurological problems, fainting, and heart attack.

Potassium supplements usually provide only about 99mg of potassium, but a good dietary intake of potassium is about 5,000mg per day – that would require 50 pills!  Why so much?  Because in our natural diet (vegetables, fruits and other whole foods) potassium is abundant and we have not evolved mechanisms to conserve it.  What can you do to ensure healthy potassium intake?  The answer is simple…

Fruits and vegetables contain plenty of potassium.  One medium banana contains about 400mg.  One baked potato with skin about 900mg.  1/2 cup of prunes – over 600mg.  6 ounces of tomato or orange juice contain over 350mg of potassium.  That is already 2,600mg!

Getting enough potassium is easy – just eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.. and forget about those pills.

Be Well,


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