How to be Happy, Successful, Healthy, and Have a Long Life

Well that about covers it all.  How much money, energy and time do we spend trying to attain these things, figuring out how we are going to attain them, or worrying about our failures in these areas? 

I just ran across some very interesting work by a Harvard researcher that actually may answer the question: What can we do to ensure happiness, success, health, and longevity?

According to George Vaillant’s research, the answers are: 

  1. have a good marriage before the age of 50
  2. be ingenious when coping with difficult situations
  3. be altruistic
  4. don’t smoke
  5. consume moderate (or less) amounts of alcohol
  6. maintain physical activity
  7. maintain a healthy weight
  8. get the most education your intelligence allows
  9. stay creative after retirement
All of this sounds like reasonable advice.  It’s good to have some scientific confirmation of good and practical common sense.
Be Well,
Richard Malik, ND
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